Gregory S. Dysart .:. Photographs of Massachusetts | Hairstreaks - Subfamily: Theclinae
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Created 24-Jun-12
Modified 29-Mar-14
Family: Lycaenidae
Subfamily: Theclinae, 6 Genera, 19 species to be found in Massachusetts
Tribe: Eumaeini, Group: Callophrys, Genus: CallophrysTribe: Eumaeini, Group: Satyrium, Genus: SatyriumTribe: Eumaeini, Group: Strymon, Genus: StrymonTribe: Eumaeini, Group: Erora, Genus: EroraTribe: Eumaeini, Group: Panthiades, Genus: ParrhasiusTribe: Eumaeini, Group: Lamprospilus, Genus: Calycopis