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On December 13, 2012 Michael Delesantro photographed a Gyrfalcon at the Model Airplane Airfield in Hadley. I thought to myself, won't that be a bird to see. Then on January 1, Sue Lewis saw and photographed the same Gryfalcon. I had to get out there to try for a sighting and did the next day. I was lucky to see the bird three times that day, including watching the powerful falcon hunt and dive from a high.

My photographs are in reverse order, with the first taken from Honey Pot Road and the last closer photos of a chance encounter of the falcon perched in a large tree on Aqua Vitae Road. What a bird to see, wild and free.
Falco rusticolusFalco rusticolusFalco rusticolusFalco rusticolusFalco rusticolus

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